How to scan for bluetooth devices


What could be the best solution (both HW and SW) to scan for some specific BT devices? I would like to setup a couple of arduino that on regular intervals scan for my Smart Band or just a BT tag, and when they find one trigger an event. Basically it would just compare the mac address of the BT device with a list of mac addresses that I would put somewhere.

Thanks for the help

Did I asked something so difficult?

are you suggesting to use the HC-05 and then use the inquiry command? Because that article is about something different than what I was looking for.

You said

specific BT devices

it probably isn’t the best but if you don’t find a better way then you could use hc-05 and set it to connect only to a specific address. Then loop through the array of addresses trying to connect with each

AT+CMODE=0 //set to connect only with specific address
AT+BIND= //address to be conected to

actually I don't want to connect, just look for some defined BT mac addresses and report if present or not.

I would presume your smart band and the BT tag are BLE / BT4 in which case you need a BLE / BT4 module such as the HM10.

Then look into BLE advertising.

Thanks, I'll look for that module :)

Hi gohan, I too am looking for just to scan for devices not to connect, did you have any success ?

Searching for the same application. Did anyone have success?

When I tackled this problem I was like “it’s like the Bluetooth menu of your phone, and then you search for a specific entry” but it’s very hard to find any useful information