how to search all topics that started by me ?

how to search all topics that started by me ?

Have you tried searching for your name? It works for my name...

Search for members, find yourself, view your posts.

thanks but i have tried that way to search by name but only two posts visible , and let me know that is older posts are automatically deleted by forum ? or what ? pls help you can see what happen by searching "ganeshkubade" pls help.

Click on your name in any posting you made (it's orange so clickable).
Go down to "Additional Information"
Click "Show the last posts of this person."
I just did that and saw all of my posts.
If you have enough posts, multiple pages will be displayed.
You will find 3 pages of your posts, you have posted 31 messages at this moment.
As this will find all of your posts, the topics started by you will be there too.
The last page shows 1 item, and it's called "INFRARED REMOTE CONTROL HELP", was posted on april 6th. this year.
So that isn't old at all and isn't deleted.
Real old messages might be moved to an archive section.
Messages might be deleted by a moderator, but always for a good reason and it might get lost if there's a software/database problem.

The 'Show the last posts of this person.' link isn't searching though.

I think what the OP wants is to search for a specific thread, filtered by user name. I have a want for this too, some search topics aren't unique enough and you can get many pages of results. Now I have 1000+ posts the 'last posts' section is just as bad.

Yes CrossRoads method actually worked for me Thanks. :slight_smile:

Oh thanks everyone to make some light...