How to select accelerometer and gyroscope range for precision tracking ?

Hi all,
i'm working on a tracking systeme to track a person inside a building
i'm using for that an MPU6050 , i need to know what range should i use in this situation for both accelerometer and gyroscope
NB : the range in the datasheet of mpu6050 are Accel:±2, 4, 8, 16g Gyro:±250, 500, 1000,2000°/s

It's completely impractical to track position with an accelerometer and/or gyroscope. You can only track orientation.

There is already a finished project out there, they attaches the mpu to a shoe.
I cannot find it right now, but it is extremly hard.

Trick is: With every step you have a known position (the ground) with no movement.

Because to get the posistion you need to get the second derivation of the accelaration. (acceleration, speed, position)

Any error (f.e vibration) will get you of your position for dozend meters in splitt seconds.

You have to see, how to handle these errors.
Everytring else is math and physik from basic school.

Good luck,