How to self navigate with arduino mega?


Hello this is Noah and I am trying to figure out a way to make a self navigating robot with Arduino mega. From my knowledge Arduino mega has enough memory and ram to self navigate. I also for my robot have encoders and plenty of proximity sensors. Is there a library or a method to the madness for self navigation in Arduino? If not could someone please explain how I could do it on my own? Thanks!!!

From: Noah

Is there a library or a method to the madness for self navigation in Arduino?

Library? No. Method? Of course. But, that depends on what you mean by self-navigation. Even a blind puppy can self-navigate (and get lost).

Wandering around aimlessly is one thing.

Moving from point A to point B without hitting anything, and then being able to get from point B back to point A as fast as possible, because you know an obstacle free route, is another level of complexity.

Mapping a room, and then being able to quickly cover the entire floor area, vacuuming, for instance, quickly, is even more complicated. Adjusting the map as furniture gets moved notches up the level of difficulty.

Well I want to be able to build a robot that can solve a maze and blow out a candle. Then come out of the maze completely on it's own. Does that answer your question?

The fire-fighting contest. solving a maze would be hard with a Mega. A raspberry pi might be better, and also cheaper. Or even CHIP. You would need a IR detector or camera to find the candle, and maybe a few distance sensors for the navigation.