How to send CAN BUS messages with different cyclic rates

Hello Arduino Forum,

I need to send about 15 different can messages and with several different cyclic rates. How can I accomplish this while also monitoring sever different inputs to change the values in those messages. I dont have a sketch to upload yet. I wanted to get some feedback before I start creating the code.

Sorry I didnt add this in original post. I am using Arduino DUE and dual channel can bus shield CAN_DUE.

I am using Arduino DUE

Hmmm, you know, there IS a separate part of the forum for the DUE.

Not that doing things at regular intervals is specific to the DUE. The blink without delay example shows you how to do one thing at regular intervals. But, if you understand the example, you'll see that most of the time it is doing nothing. Plenty of time to not do 14 other things, like send other messages on other intervals, AND read sensors on every pass through loop().