How to send CTRL+A and other commands over serial?

Greetings. I'm having trouble finding any information on how to get a particular piece of hardware to respond to ASCII commands being sent by my arduino. One of the commands needs to be CTRL+A ,another CTRL-C.

Any ideas on how I might achieve this? Please help!

CTRL-A = SOH = 0x01 CTRL-C = ETX = 0x03

Hm. I’ve tried just that with no luck.
I’m trying to print the following:

p + 19

and have tried doing so in a variety of ways, but nothing seems to work.
Any additional thoughts?


Well, you don't say what you've tried, but how about:

Serial.print (0x01, BYTE);
Serial.print ("P + 19");
Serial.print (0x03, BYTE);

I've tried that, as well as several different combinations of the characters between 0x01 and 0x03, (as hex, etc) but no dice.

I'm using a mega, with the connection on Serial3, but otherwise all is the same. Could it be because the external unit is not expecting / cooperating with the hex: 0x01 ?

Thanks for your continued help. This is driving me crazy.

Simplest way to determine is to use a general purpose serial terminal program on your PC that will show the Received characters sent from the Arduino in any base desired. I like brey terminal: