how to send data from a website to arduino UNO wifi

hello ,

I'm trying to connect my device with my website , I'm using arduino UNO wifi for the device and ASP language for the website .

my project require a two way connection between the website and the device .

I have an idea of how to send data from arduino to the website , but I have no clue how to do the other way (sending data from the website to the arduino ) .

how to send data from a website to arduino UNO wifi?any useful code?

if any one could help me I'll be thankful .


I think using MySQL in between may work .

in this way the website sends to the MySQL database then the arduino get the data from the database

but I don't know how to do that how could I connect the arduino with MySQL and how to let the arduino take values(data ) from the database?

Most wifi libraries have an example of a HTTP client and a HTTP server - it sounds like you want both.

Is your Arduino on the same local network as your web application server? If not, it is easier for your Arduino to get to your application server on the internet (i.e. HTTP client) as your router is setup to allow this by default. If your application server is on the internet and tries to access your Arduino (i.e. HTTP server), most routers are setup to stop this as it is a security hole. You would need to setup a port forward on your router to the Arduino, but you have now opened your Arduino up to the internet.

As to putting the data in MySQL, that means you are going to have to poll MySQL from the Arduino to see if there is any new data there. You may as well stick with HTTP and have the Arduino poll a web service and have one less moving part (MySQL).