how to send data from arduino > cloud > smartphone

hi everyone …

What is the best way to send information and data from Arduino to Cloud and then from Cloud to Mobile … i’m beginner and The only way I know is through GSM but this method does not work with me because I want to take the information from Arduino and sent it to the cloud then to my android app.

Another question is there Shield supports LTE and 4G sim card?

A pretty complex thing to do, many steps in the process.

Multiple ways to connect your Arduino project to the Internet - mobile phone network and WiFi are the most common. In the latter case you're probably better off using an ESP8266 based board such as the NodeMCU or the WeMOS D1 mini.

You may also look into MQTT, making communication with an app easier. But that doesn't store data in the cloud, it's just passing on messages.

If you want to store data, you have to find a way to connect to your incarnation of the cloud (an http POST request is a common way, in part as it's relatively easy to get reasonably secure). A way to record and store the data there. An app for your phone that can do something useful with the data. A way for that app to communicate with your cloud. All those are outside the scope of this forum.

For this project, I'd use a Mega, or Due or STM32 as a data collection unit. I'd Serial the data out to a RPi4 and from there do the rest of the thing do's.

It depends on facilities available, but it sounds like you are talking Internet of Things, for which there are several services, and you simply avail yourself of the most suitable.
another is Blynk
You might check what is available before you start re-inventing the wheel.

As mentioned above, a NodeMCU is a pretty obvious choice for this. They are cheap, fast, have a swag of memory, and WiFi built-in. An ESP32 is another choice - it even has an on board display.

I believe the same services are accessible through phone service, in which case you might use a Mega with a 3G shield.