How To Send Data From MYSQL to Arduino Using PHP and JSON

I want To read Data From MYQL into Arduino to Control the devices. How can i do this.

Dear mdasim,

You need to create php pages that reads from the mysql server

And host these pages on your server

Then on the arduino you set it as a client, and you call the server via http get pages according to your query

Hope this guides you for the implementation

Samir tafesh

Vice versa,

I try to send JSON data to web server which web server side using a PHP code to get JSON.

You are likely to get more help if you provide details of the hardware you wish to use. There is nothing magical about JSON- its just a standard HTTP POST request with the mime type of "application/json" and content formatted according to the JSON rules. How to construct this request on arduino depends on which hardware and libraries you are using.