How to send data from PC into arduino using wifi?

I want to change my controller parameters on a pc software and send them to Arduino using wifi.

What Arduino are you using?
Do you have a WiFi module attached to it?
Have you tried any of the example programs associated with your WiFi module?

Have you tried (as a first step in developing your Arduino program) to send the data over the USB cable?


This is about as nebulous and nonsensical as the first post. It sounds like a PC problem, probably something to do with “a pc software”, which is apparently a secret, and a proper explanation of the Arduino problem, if there is one, would be in order.

The users have to use the wifi shield to send the data from the PC into Arduino and then the microcontrollers have to be used. The user has to make the system compatible with that and have to avoid the process of kmode exception not handled

Sounds like spam to me.

Ummm... Both of them.