how to send data to arduino yun through web?

I am currently doing a project that needs to control UAV through website. The basic idea is to design a website and send control data through wifi, or 3G to arduino yun. Henceforth, arduino yun will generate PWM signal to control the UAV.
It is not a static web. My idea is to send data from browser to a web server and store it in database. Arduino yun can get the data from the data base.
anyone know a easy way to transfer data from web site to arduino yun?

It looks like a quite easy dynamic web application: you can code it using python or php, just to mention two. Google for some php/python tutorial
When you'll be done with the database part and you'll need to talk to the sketch, you will use bridgeclient.php or

Thank you for your response. Is there a way to send data from website to yun directly without using database? There might be a huge delay if using database. I only need to send 4 data to yun. can yun be the server and my browser be the client?

Yes, you can do as you said.
Here are two example to use the Yun as a webserver

In bridge.ino what's difference between

client.print(F("Pin D"));


client.print("Pin D");


Using F("MyString") the string will be stored in the flash memory in order to save RAM memory.