How to send GPS location when receiving SMS GM862

I am working on an anti-theft device with the GM862. I want to make it so when I txt message "locate" the GM862 from my cell phone, it will text me back the GPS data. Has anyone done anything like this before and want to share or message me the code :slight_smile: ?

I have done this with ARM, but not arduino.

It seems pretty simple - you read from the GSM chip through serial and when you see a specific SMS string, read the GPS data and create an SMS.

GSM shield for arduino:

Connecting to a GPS and reading data:

Sorry, I don’t have those fun toys to play with, or I would share my code…

Hello! i have done just that. It was a long time ago but i remember it quite well and could try to look up some py code if you need more help.

Dont know how much you know about 862 so here is some general advice.
-You need to read the manual, alot, and then some more.
-You need to use rsterm, there is no other way if you want to succeed in your lifetime. Play with it and send the commands manual to get a feeling of how the 862 response.
-If youre like me no "supercoder" and using a simple dev board(mine from SF) and not the expensive ones from RS with debug features, you are going to cry yourself to sleep at night after hours of debugging without progress. So you need to be patient.

Ok, lets get to it, heres how i did it.

-i put my 862 into sleep mode so when it wakes on sms arrival, i do 'MDM.receive' and get the answer '+CMTI: "SM",16' . The thing here is to check for +CMTI: wich means sms, and save the number wich is the sms position on sim card. (The answer depends on your CNMI settings mine is '+AT CNMI=2,1'. see manual)

  • wake up the gps with 'AT$GPSPS=0'

  • Then send 'AT+CMGR=' + the number you stored earlier, to get the message from sim-card.

  • now parse the senders phone number

  • and check the message for a valid text command, mine was "Get-pos".

  • if message is valid i do 'GPS.getPosition()' and parse Lat and Lon values.

  • then i send the returning sms 'AT+CMGS='+ the phone number' wait for '>' and insert your LatLon values here, end with 'MDM.sendbyte(0x1A,10)' wich is ctrl+z

Youre done and will receive lat and lon in cellphone.

All this is written in manual so just read again and again and it will come true.

Good luck :slight_smile:

i know this is an old topic, iam looking to do the same thing, so jackie did you manage to end your project?