how to send hebrew to arduino?

i am running MD_parola and the MD_MAX72XX libraries to present text on max7219 with the hc05 bluetooth moudle, when sending english text everything going well, but when i try to send hebrew it shows junk.
i tried change the english letters in the cpp file to hebrew letter, but it means that i need to send english letters in order to see hebrew, i dont like this solution.
how can i send hebrew thru the terminal app and see the hebrew text on the max7219?
the hebrew is not complicated as arabic, no ligatures or stuff like that
hope you can help me


What is the 'terminal app'? Serial Monitor? In that case you're out of luck.

Hebrew is unicode; you need an app on the PC that can send that. This will than come in in the Arduino as bytes, not characters (2 bytes per character). Based on the received bytes, you can display the correct 'character' on your display.