How to send mms using SIM900A GSM/GPRS Module

I need urgent help. I am doing my final year project.I want a camera capture image then save inside SD card breakout board. Then i want to send the image using gsm. Can i do it? then how? If can no, then how can i do something like this? I used arduino uno. P.S sorry for bad english


I was always under the impression that image files and Arduino never meshed well (unless very small images) due to the small memory available on the Arduino/328 boards?

Sending the 'text' by itself isnt a big deal.. and is more or less in the examples provided for the shields out there..

'whatever' triggers the event.. you send text message.

I have played with my GPRS shield a little bit.. and got some basic texting going.. but not much more than that.

(was using my son's SIM card from his phone too.. as I cant find a place to get a cheap dedicated M2M SIM card anywhere.... located in the US at least)