How to send multiple data from one Arduino UNO to another UNO Using I2C..

Hey guys.!
I'm working on a project and stucked on a really bad step :0
I want to send multiple Sensors value to one Arduino UNO to another Arduino UNO using I2C..
and please do tell me that how can i work with the incoming data from Master Uno to Slave UNO.
Thanks :slight_smile: :grin:

Tried the Wire library?

Yes brother I already trying the Wire Library, I'm sending the values of UltraSonic Sensor (HC-SR04) Using arduino UNO as master to another Arduino UNO and sucessfully i have done that.! but the problem is with the slave UNO now.! :frowning: It receives only Characters not Intergers , I want to work on those values coming from the Master Arduino to salve and I don't know how to work with Characters ,My work is to set the angle of Servo Arm
Thanks for the reply bro (And I'm a noob in Arduino prototyping :frowning: )

It receives only Characters not Intergers

Characters are integers.

How about posting code?

(I doubt very much you are my brother - he has no interest whatsoever in electronics)

Here my both codes left one is the slave and the right one is the master it looks that first two digit in the serial monitor changes according to ultrasonic sensor which show the correct values but the other two digits shows only 10 and do not change with the sensor..

LOL i solved it :slight_smile: :smiley: Thank you very much brother :slight_smile: