How to send multiple data in same serial

Hello everyone,
I am new to use the arduino programming language. I am using two hc-05 modules to transfer data between two arduino. I succeeded in that with a difficulty. I am getting 3 analog inputs from sensors in master arduino. I have connected three LEDs to the slave arduino. I need to transfer all the three values simultaneously. but I am able to transfer only one at a time please help me to transfer all the value at the same moment. I even tried to Nrf24l01 but got the same results.please do educate me about the addressing of pipes in NRF24l01 module. please guide me by giving me a sample code.

Thanking you in advance


HC-05 is usually interfaced through Serial (SPP profile). if that's the case for your modules, then just look at the capabilities of Serial for sending multiple data ([

 Serial.print(val, format)

](Serial.print() - Arduino Reference) or [

Serial.write(buf, len)

](Serial.write() - Arduino Reference))

You can also read Serial Input Basics to understand how to receive the data on the other side.

Those C functions can come handy when parsing string input: stdlib.h and string.h

This Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial my help.