How to send my sketch to Arduino Ethernet Shield (No serial / usb interface!!!)

Hi folk!

I bought this arduino Arduino Official Store | Boards Shields Kits Accessories

Can somebody help me: I can't send my sketh to that shield!!! I have a serial to usb connector, but in this shield there is no connection , right ??? how can I send my development?

Thanks all


Well the shield needs a processor board like a Uno to plug into, then your sketch goes in the Uno.

The Arduino ethernet shield is like the ethernet card for PC. Without PC does not work. So you need "base" board with MCU.
You choose the Arduino Uno (2KB RAM) or Arduino Mega (8KB RAM) or Arduino DUE (96KB RAM) depending on the complexity of your project.

thanks a lot!!!

thanks a lot!!!

Can I suggest you check your code thoroughly before uploading to a Mega? ]:smiley: