How to send OBD2/CAN supported PID list

Hi, I am trying to make an OBD2 simulator to talk to my car scanner. On power on I get a standard length request 0x7DF and an extended request 0x18DB33F1 for list of PIDs supported, but not sure of required response format. Received packet with id 0x7DF and length 8 Received extended packet with id 0x18DB33F1 and length 8 It seems I need to send a 0x7E8 response, but don't know the format needed, tried sending the following, but scanner still times out. CAN.beginExtendedPacket(0x7E8); unsigned char frame1 = { 0x0641000811000000}; CAN.write(frame1 ); CAN.endPacket();

Managed to get it going. Changed CAN.beginExtendedPacket(0x7E8); to CAN.beginPacket(0x7E8); Unable to delete post, it may help others I guess.