How to Send Pulse Out on a schedule

Hello Everyone,

Complete newbie when it comes to Arduinos and how they work. I’ve done programming for applications over the years using basic to C to Fortran and others in between, but working with devices like an Arduino is new to me. So please forgive my ignorance.

I have looked thru the forums and various google searches, but haven’t found anything that was what I was looking for… maybe there was something, but just didn’t realize it at the time.

In normal times I’d just go into our R&D area, hook up a water flow meter with a pulse output (1 pulse ever gallon of water flow) to the PCM, and the PCM to the actual dosing pump. Have the water recicrulate thru the water meter and the dosing pump do its thing to get my readings/calibrations/etc. However, with the current “Work at Home/Stay at Home” orders from the local government as well as the company I can’t do that. I can go into work and grab the PCM, the Pump, and a few other things and do the necessary stuff at home… but without the Pump sending the signal to the PCM I can’t do what I need to do.

So basically I need a program that will send a signal to the PCM at 1 minute intervals (I’ll assume the water flow is 1 gallon initially and change as needed). The PCM accepts a dry contact signal.

Can someone help with the program and pin layout of something like this? I’ll continue to look for something that would be relevant. I bought an UNO a few years ago with the thought of teaching myself how to use it, but I never got around to it. I figure this would be a good project to try it out on.

Thanks in advance.

Draw a schematic of what you think you need, show it to us.

In a ‘few’ words how do you think this project would be done in code.

Have you used the BWD technique to make timers ?

What's a PCM?
From your description, it certainly sounds feasible. Draw a diagram of what you want to do.

I was searching for some advice on a project I’m working on (found it in a thread that’s 6y old in 2 weeks time, as it happens) but was prompted to sign up to respond to this thread.

I need a program that will send a signal to the PCM at 1 minute intervals

Unless I missed it in that lengthy explanation, you don’t say at all what “signal” the “PCM” (whatever that means… Pump Control Module maybe?) actually wants. That could be a rising or falling edge, it could be a high or low of a certain length; it could be a serial stream “abc” or “xyz”, it’s not specified at all. Even if it is a simple rising edge, you didn’t say what voltage it needs to be.

But if it is just a simple 5V edge you want the Arduino to make, in blink (with delay) (File, Examples, 01 Basics) simply set the delays to suitable values. If the program needs to do anything other than that as well, use blink with out delay (File, Examples, 02 Digital).

It seems as simple as that to me; maybe I missed something?