How to send RFID Data using arduino to the web (PHP)?

Hello, I am currently creating a project, A Door Locking System and so far.. I can lock and unlock the solenoid block, using activated cards. Also, when the door has been unlocked there, the green LED lights up and Red LED light up when it's not. I also have master card which can activate a card and deactivate a card.

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I want to send those data to the webpage. But i don't know how.. Can someone help me please? Thank you.

you could use a HTTP PUT - try a google search Arduino HTTP PUT

First you need connect your Arduino to your local network or the internet. You do not say what kind of Arduino you are using, but most cannot connect to a network by themselves.

How can this connection be made for your project? By an Ethernet cable? By WiFi network? By direct WiFi connection with a phone or tablet?

If an Ethernet cable is available, you can buy Ethernet shields that will fit onto an Uno or Mega. For other types of Arduino, you can also buy Ethernet modules that can be connected with a few wires.

If WiFi is available, a WiFi shield for Uno or Mega is an option. There are also WiFi modules available, and they are much cheaper, but they are more difficult to use than they seem. There is lots of bad advice on the internet about how to connect them to an Uno/Mega, that makes it seem easy. But there are problems with supplying power and translating the data signal voltages that this bad advice ignores.

Another WiFi option is to replace your Uno/Mega with a board that already has WiFi built-in, such as Wemos Mini or NodeMCU. This may be your best/easiest/cheapest option.

The next question is what this web page will look like, and what server will host it. Can you draw an example of how it might look, how the web page user can interact with it, how much history needs to be saved, will a database be required etc? Where will the page be able to be viewed? Options are: only by direct connection to the Arduino; anywhere on your local network; anywhere on the internet (in which case what about secrecy/security).

I want to send those data to the webpage.

You do NOT send data to a web page. You send data, as a client, to a server that serves up a web page, OR you, as a server, serve up a web page with data on it.

Forget the Arduino for a while. Set up a server and create a client (or use a browser) to test the server, with bogus data. Learn how clients and servers operate and what data goes from one to the other, and when.

When you understand the terminology, and client/server interactions better, THEN the Arduino can be used to send valid data to clients or to servers, as appropriate.