How to send sensor data to a web server?

I'm using Arduino + Ethernet Shield and reading analog values that change relativelly quickly (once per 1/2 second) . I'd like to send these values to a remote web server to be stored in other to manipulate them later. Do you know how I could do this ?


I have not done something like this, but have at look at this (I came across this looking into something else, I think it will be what you are looking for):

Thank you , it's a good starting point . Passing the data trought the form and using a cgi to insert data in the database seems to be simple (I'm trying it) .

I was thinking also of creating a JSON message (I need really to send 11 different values every 0,5 seconds) and try to send data to a php page. I know how to format the data but not how to post and retreive it correctly . Anyone know similar implementations?