How to send string from Arduino to Android Application over USB


I want to send a string value from my Arduino Mega 2560 to my Android App.

(1)How can I program my Android App on Eclipse so it can receive data from Arduino and (2) how can i program my Arduino sketch to send data to my android App.

P.S. I can use <AndroidAccessory.h> cause it’s somehow has a conflict with <PN532.h>


I'm not sure we would be any wiser if you had asked how to send the string to Paris!

To start with What is the Android app running on? How is the Arduino connected to it?

If you can think of 10 other relevant things to tell us so much the better.



Here is a good Android and Arduino guide that shows you how to send strings from the Android app to the MEGA ADK and by that way controll an LED. It is evry important to put the right filters in the Manifest.XML. Also you have to make sure you donwload the right drivers for the AndroidAccessory.h and UsbHost.h. Both have to be integrated in the Arduino Environment. Also make sure you have an Android Device with AOS 2.3.3 or higher. Youll find more information in the guide.

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