How to send target GPS coordinate from computer to ARDUINO over the internet ?

Hello everyone.. i am working on a gps guided arduino vehicle project..but from last few days i am unable to figure out how can i send the target gps location (latitude & longitude) from google earth of my pc to arduino. and then process it to get the destination location.. please help me to figure out the logic.. thank you so much.

Can you perhaps describe the project in a little more detail.

For instance what type of guided behicle is it and where is it located ?

Why do you want to send the target co-ordinates 'over the internet' ?

hello SRNET.

Thanks for the reply.. actually its a hobby project .. autonomous gps guided car.. i am using a toy rc car . my goal is to make the toy car autonomous that can drive to a specific destination location .. and the destination location can be send via internet from a computer.

that is user will send a destination location to the vehicle from his/her computer over the internet and then the vehicle will reach to the location autonomously..