How to set a non-standard baud rate for serial data transmission?

Hi all,

I am interested to know if there a way to set a non-standard baud rate for a serial data transmission, for example to 100,000 baud? I would appreciate your help. Thanks.

Serial.begin(100000) might work, but even if you set it in the Arduino code, it needs to match what is attached to the other end of the cable… My Windows wouldn’t allow me to set 100000…

The microcontroller knows nothing about standard rates, it just has some registers to set the
divide ratio between system clock and baud rate. The higher the baud rate the greater
the risk of mismatch in frequency (for instance 1Mbaud is OK from 16MHz system, just divide by
16, but 2.5Mbaud wouldn't be close enough in frequency (16/6 = 2.667Mbaud)