How to: Set a variable thresold for analog read (Capsense library)

Well, first, sorry for my english xD

I have a reading from Capsense library (if im not touching is under 500) and when touch I get other value, but this value changes if I connect a bigger touch surface, and changes too if I connect more touch sensors or touch one or more of them. Then I need a simple fuction that handles a "low" value and other "high" variable value.

Any help?

I already have a sketch working with Capsense library, handles two led strips, I connected a potentiometer to set value, but values can be different and this is a problem with more sensors.

In setup(), you can read each of the sensors, assuming that they are not being touched. Use the value that you get in setup() as your threshold in loop() (or perhaps 5% more than what you get in setup(), to assure against false triggers).

Without seeing your setup, or your code, that's the best I can do to help you.