How to set all parameters of Arduino soft serial port?

Now I can only set the baud rate through softwaresarial. I want to set other parameters except baud rate.

Get a MEGA 2560, stop peeing into the wind with software serial !

FOUR ‘real’ ports that work properly.

I went through software serial forty years ago, when processors didn’t have onboard USART components… save yourself a lot of pain!

:joy:I use 2560. I use it as a serial port server. There are many serial port requirements. I didn't expect how to expand the hard serial port. I can only expand the soft serial port.

Well, if you need more than 4 ports, you can buy external SPI USARTs, then you’ll run out of processing power or memory …
Maybe time to step up to a real serial port server?

I use TTL to 232 module, which is mainly used to send data. The amount of data is not very large.