how to set "high rpm" with nema34 & DMA860H driver with Arduino UNO ???

Hi Guys,

For my project I use Arduino Uno, Nema34 stepper motor & DMA860H driver.
I am using AccelStepper library.
It works great, but maximum RPM is very low for my application. According to AccelStepper library website the maximum reliable speed is 1000 steps / sec.
For my application I would need 12.000 - 15.000 step / sec.
(DMA860H configuration is set to 400 pulse / rev)

Does anyone have any ideas how to increase the numbers of steps significantly ? Should I use other library ?

Thanks for answers in advance :wink:

For high step rates you will need to write your own code.

It is not too difficult to write your own acceleration code - have a look at this Simple acceleration code.

For higher step rates you should use the digitalWriteFast library or direct port addressing.

For very high step rates you may need to use on of the Hardware Timers