How to Set Lock Bits to Make Uno Write-Only?

Hi, all
I want to protect my programe, and make my Uno's Bootloar and Flash Write-Only, especially Flash.
I know there are lock bits settings for boards in Arudino IDE, naming "uno.bootloader.unlock_bits" and "uno.bootloader.lock_bits". The default data for them is 0x3F and 0x0F. Is anybody help to tell me that how to set these data to make Uno Write-Only?
Thanks very much.

Have you tried to recover a program (sketch) from an Arduino?

From what I've read (usually in threads where someone has lost their original sketch), it is practically impossible to download anything from an Arduino that resembles a sketch.

Again, from what I've read, it would take a pro quite some time to decipher that downloaded information into meaningful code. And he/she could probably write their own sketch in a fraction of the time.

Maybe I'm reading from the wrong sources. But I don't think I am. I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure someone will be along with more information though.

Seems contrary to the 'open' philosophy.