how to set pin with tone comand on arduino muxShield?

Sapreste indicarmi come assegnare il pin di un muxShield al comando tone?

would you pleaase help me… i can’t figure it out how to give pin of muxShield to tone comand

Thank you

Where is the link to the hardware used? If you want help provide enough information!

i bought it on the internet, and i am not able to tell you more details becouse i don't know much about electronics i have my speaker connected on pin (row3, pin1) on my MuxShield. i don't know how to assign pin with tone comand .. it should be tone(MuxShield(3,1), frequency)

What exactly do you want to achieve?

This is a multiplexer shield, it expands the GPIOs you have for simple I/O tasks like driving an LED or getting a button input. The tone() functionality uses other hardware of your Arduino (timers) so you cannot use this shields pins for it.

ok.. thank you! :)

so with this type of MuxShield attached on my Arduino, there is no way to connect a speaker?

pylon: What exactly do you want to achieve?

i have some pushbuttons and some LED's's a sort of a game.. there is a printed texture with holes for buttons and LEDs wich is the game and you can play it by pushing thoes buttons .. it's a project for school .. whatever when you push the wrong button, there has to be some warning, and i thought to use a speaker, but if you say that i can't do it with the MuxShield, it seems that i'll need to by some other hardware

Why can’t you use one of the non-muxed pins for the speaker?