how to set the bootloader waiting time?

Hi ! sorry about my English , it isn’t my mother tongue :frowning:

“bootloader will run for five seconds waiting for a program to be uploaded through the port”

but when I had download the program , and begin to use this borad , this “five seconds” waiting make me a little worry, is there someway to set this waiting time ? or is there a way to make the board run my program at once?

for example, could we do some change to bootloader, when press the reset button , the LED between pin 13 and ground you will see it blinking(set the blinking time longer, about 1s),

when it blinking ,
if you press the reset button again, then enter the “program mode” , bootloader will run for five seconds waiting for a program to be uploaded through the port.
if you didn’t do the secondly press,when blinking time over,the board will run my program at once.

Is it possbile?

Hej Fallen,

the reason why the bootloader works this way is because there is almost no other way of making it smaller. Dave Mellis spent quite a lot of time optimizing an initial code that I made that was 2K.

However, I am confident that it will be possible to change the bootloader. It is also open source. If you want the code we could send it to you and you could take a look at how it works.

You will need to use winAVR to modify the bootloader’s code (or AVR’s development tools in Linux) but it is possible.


Thank you ! I download the winavr, and try to learn it , could you send the source to me ( email) ? thank you !
(and do you receive the email from me by a yahoo mail , there are the pic of diy board and my photo, because my gmail seems has some problem , but please send me to my gmail, thank you)