How to set the parameters for my negative pressure sensor?

Hi, I have a hard time finding the way to set the parameters for my negative pressure sensor. It has 2 switching outputs and it can be configured over IO-Link, but I have no idea how to do it I just got it from the company I work with. To be specific the sensor is this one:;jsessionid=B67603EDCCD31BBEAA3EA3C0D836CCF6

I think I need a IO-link master device to connect it to the PC but I just have a usb serial cable connected to the PC. I dont have anz master device, how can I set the sensor up?

As this is an Arduino forum I don't care about your PC question but answer it as if you've asked for Arduino connectivity.

You need an IO-Link driver chip (p.e. LTC2874) and you need to implement the protocol. I'm not aware of an existing library for the Arduino world so it might be quite a bit of work to write that code.