How to set time on DS1307 with a keypad (Indoor grow box project)


I am having a simular issue, though I havnt had time to try anything yet.

I think you have to send bytes directly to the clock in order to set the time...

There was an example of setting the time over serial, you can look at that for a starting place.

Do you have a question for a specific problem, or are you asking forum members to rewrite your program?

You might try reading this post and see if it works and, if so, progress to the keypad implementation.

Also, while your code is in the IDE, use Ctrl-T to reformat your code before will make it easier to read for the rest of us.

thanks for your replying.but i want to adjust time by using keypad.
sorry for by my bad english.

i use this code when arduino connects with computer.

void setup()
clock.fillByYMD(2014,11,12);//Jan 19,2013
clock.fillByHMS(13,26,1);//15:28 30"
clock.setTime();//write time to the RTC chip