How to set tp4056 for battery 18560

I'm sorry I asked in this forum. I don't know if this is the right forum but I want to know.
I want to make my own power supply using a tp4056 and 18650 battery for a campus project.
I've watched a few videos on yt, in the first one it uses one tp4056 + four 18650 battery slots and in another it uses four tp4056 + four 18650 battery slots. Is there a difference using one or four tp4056 ? does the number of batteries affect the number of tp4056?
I have included a sample image

LipO batteries can be really tricky to work with and dangerous.
The main thing to remember is that a TP4056 does not allow for power sharing. Do not draw power from the pack while charging, or you may overcharge the battery.
The method with 4 TP4056 is the correct way. Sharing 1 charging control unit may work if all the batteries are identical (and from the same batch), but even then, a TP4056 has a maximum charging current of 1A, which is going to make for slow charging. Ideally you have a separate control unit for each battery. You can also tweak the charging current by changing the resistor that controls that on the unit.


In the image on the left the projects batteries are wired in series and they are charging the individual batteries.

In the image on the right the batteries are wired in parallel and charging is done as if a single battery is in use.

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thanks for the explanation

Really ? they actually look un-connected to each other and being individually charged.

Not arguing that with you.

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