How to set up 3-5-inch-TFT-LCD-Display-Arduino-Touch-Screen-Module-UNO-R3-Board

Hi, I have bought this display 3.5 Inch TFT LCD Display Arduino Touch Screen Module UNO R3 Board Plug and Play for sale online | eBay and I couldn't find anywhere how to set up the pins, what libraries should I use not even little piece to test it. Everywhere I looked displays always had different pin therefore no code was working for me. Can I get little help?

Install MCUFRIEND_kbv via the Library Manager.

I already did, also tried code from github
None of them worked, display is on, but it's black and nothing else happens.

Most of the examples report the ID to the Serial Terminal.

There are diagnostic sketches.

I would expect you to install the library with the Library Manager and run examples from the installed library.

Seriously. Take notes and provide proper information. Then you will probably get some help.


Tried diagnose_TFT_Support and got this in my serial.
Diagnose whether this controller is supported
There are FAQs in extras/mcufriend_how_to.txt

tft.readID() finds: ID = 0xD3D3

Probably a write-only Mega2560 Shield
Try to force ID = 0x9481

PORTRAIT is 320 x 480

Run the examples/graphictest_kbv sketch
All colours, text, directions, rotations, scrolls
should work. If there is a problem, make notes on paper
Post accurate description of problem to Forum
Or post a link to a video (or photos)

I rely on good information from remote users

Does this help you? because it is not helping me. Also tried the recommended graphictest_kbv, all I got from serial is this:
Serial took 0ms to start
ID = 0xD3D3

and the display remained black. Is it possible, that there is something wrong with the hardware part?

EDIT: tried to force the ID = 0x9481 with no result

If you have got 0xD3D3 it means you have probably got a write-only mega2560 shield.
Your link shows this uno shield:

Does your pcb match the photo?
Or does it have a 18x2 row of pins i.e. for a mega2560 ?
Does it say "mega2560" printed on the pcb ?

You would also get 0xD3D3 if you forgot to plug the Uno shield into the Uno.

Yes, I know these look like stupid questions. But Ebay vendors often lie. And supply items that do not match their photos.


It does match and I tried to plug it directly both to Mega and Uno with same results.

I don't believe you. I would expect to see a proper ID with a library installed via the Library Manager.

Mind you, a LCD_ID_readreg report might indicate some unknown ID. There is a "new" 0x8031 display that is 240x320 and supported by the Beta but not by the current Library Release.

I have no connection with Mcufriend. I just happened to write a library that supported the shields.

I have added support for controllers that I have never seen. I have to rely on feedback from owners.

If you buy a shield that does not work, ask for your money back from Ebay.
If you want me to help, you must be prepared to provide feedback.


Why would I lie, for fun? No, I wanted to have fun with Arduino and Touch screen display. Guess money back is the only option.