How to set up bluetooth shield?

I am using bluetooth shield Bee. The only option is working for me is . It says . While I am trying to transfer data, it requests a passcode. Is there something I can do? I already tried to assign a passcode, it says .

You should have the default password with the datasheet. If the module is an HC-0x it is sure to be 1234 and remains that way until you specifically alter it - if you can. If you are just transferring data, you should not need to do anything at the Arduino end, you just send it as you would to the serial monitor. All the work is at the PC end.

Weirdly, I cant transfer any code via bluetooth, even if serial port is created. I am using: /dev/tty.BluetoothBee-DevB The message I get in the end, is "programmer is not responding".

Weirdly, I cant transfer any code via bluetooth

Where did you get the idea that you could upload a sketch using bluetooth? Have you written the appropriate bootloader?

Maybe I am completely wrong deciding that if there is RX and TX, I could sand my sketch via bluetooth.