How to set up RTC module?

Im trying to play around with some of the sensors I got in a kit. One of them is an RTC. Now I get the VCC and GND, but there is a clock (CLK), data(DAT), and reset(RST). Now I just downloaded the library, but it does’nt say how to actually hook this up.

You have to tell us what RTC you have, how you have connected it and what library you are using. You can use links, just copy the url in the text. What kind of kit was that ?

If it was a cheap kit, there might be a problem with the RTC. Very cheap RTC modules have often problems. I'm guessing it is a DS1302, but the DS1307 is more commonly used with Arduino. The CLK, DAT and RST are three pins to control the RTC. You need three Arduino pins to connect to them. You can use any three pins and you should define in the library or in the example sketch to which pins they are connected.

Not sure which one it is, I just assumed the library on the arduino website would suffice. It doesn't say anything on it. The kit was a sun founder RFID kit. The RFID is a fund union rc522 and I can't even get code or library for that!

I think it is the SunFounder "RFID learning kit for Arduino"

A pdf document is somewhere on the internet: It shows the connections and a sketch. That document should keep you busy for a while, but just ask if you have questions.

There are better ways to explore the Arduino world. At Adafruit, they provide the schematics with libraries and so on. They have also very good tutorials. Also Sparkfun they also give all the information about their products. Both have worldwide suppliers.

That's the kit! I think I am going to stay away from these cheap kits and stick with adafruit like you said. Thank you.

Why? If you get it working then you'll become the expert on the subject! :D

Unfortunately I blew up an uno with a cheapo motor shield. I don't want to play around with junk.

Bstanko6: Unfortunately I blew up an uno with a cheapo motor shield. I don't want to play around with junk.

What do you mean by "blow up" a uno board? Sounds terrible.....