How to setup Timer interrupts?

Hi, I read often about configuring timer registers to setup interrups, but are always for AVR processors. Does anybody know any example code intended for SAMD processors (such is MKR1000), and wich is the include file to attach to our program? Thanks.


Hi mephala,

I believe the Arduino Zero and the MKR1000 use the same SAMD21G18A microcontroller, so it might be worth checking the Zero forum for some MKR1000 related issues.

Here's an example of using Timer Counter 4 (TC4) in 8-bit mode that I wrote for the Zero:

void setup() {
   // Set up the generic clock (GCLK4) used to clock timers
  REG_GCLK_GENDIV = GCLK_GENDIV_DIV(3) |          // Divide the 48MHz clock source by divisor 3: 48MHz/3=16MHz
                    GCLK_GENDIV_ID(4);            // Select Generic Clock (GCLK) 4
  while (GCLK->STATUS.bit.SYNCBUSY);              // Wait for synchronization

  REG_GCLK_GENCTRL = GCLK_GENCTRL_IDC |           // Set the duty cycle to 50/50 HIGH/LOW
                     GCLK_GENCTRL_GENEN |         // Enable GCLK4
                     GCLK_GENCTRL_SRC_DFLL48M |   // Set the 48MHz clock source
                     GCLK_GENCTRL_ID(4);          // Select GCLK4
  while (GCLK->STATUS.bit.SYNCBUSY);              // Wait for synchronization

  // Feed GCLK4 to TC4 and TC5
  REG_GCLK_CLKCTRL = GCLK_CLKCTRL_CLKEN |         // Enable GCLK4 to TC4 and TC5
                     GCLK_CLKCTRL_GEN_GCLK4 |     // Select GCLK4
                     GCLK_CLKCTRL_ID_TC4_TC5;     // Feed the GCLK4 to TC4 and TC5
  while (GCLK->STATUS.bit.SYNCBUSY);              // Wait for synchronization

  REG_TC4_CTRLA |= TC_CTRLA_MODE_COUNT8;           // Set the counter to 8-bit mode
  while (TC4->COUNT8.STATUS.bit.SYNCBUSY);        // Wait for synchronization

  REG_TC4_COUNT8_CC0 = 0x55;                      // Set the TC4 CC0 register to some arbitary value
  while (TC4->COUNT8.STATUS.bit.SYNCBUSY);        // Wait for synchronization
  REG_TC4_COUNT8_CC1 = 0xAA;                      // Set the TC4 CC1 register to some arbitary value
  while (TC4->COUNT8.STATUS.bit.SYNCBUSY);        // Wait for synchronization
  REG_TC4_COUNT8_PER = 0xFF;                      // Set the PER (period) register to its maximum value
  while (TC4->COUNT8.STATUS.bit.SYNCBUSY);        // Wait for synchronization

  NVIC_SetPriority(TC4_IRQn, 0);    // Set the Nested Vector Interrupt Controller (NVIC) priority for TC4 to 0 (highest)
  NVIC_EnableIRQ(TC4_IRQn);         // Connect TC4 to Nested Vector Interrupt Controller (NVIC)

  REG_TC4_INTFLAG |= TC_INTFLAG_MC1 | TC_INTFLAG_MC0 | TC_INTFLAG_OVF;        // Clear the interrupt flags
  // REG_TC4_INTENCLR = TC_INTENCLR_MC1 | TC_INTENCLR_MC0 | TC_INTENCLR_OVF;     // Disable TC4 interrupts

  REG_TC4_CTRLA |= TC_CTRLA_PRESCALER_DIV64 |     // Set prescaler to 64, 16MHz/64 = 256kHz
                   TC_CTRLA_ENABLE;               // Enable TC4
  while (TC4->COUNT8.STATUS.bit.SYNCBUSY);        // Wait for synchronization

void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:


void TC4_Handler()                              // Interrupt Service Routine (ISR) for timer TC4
  // Check for overflow (OVF) interrupt
  if (TC4->COUNT8.INTFLAG.bit.OVF && TC4->COUNT8.INTENSET.bit.OVF)             
    // Put your timer overflow (OVF) code here:     
    // ...
    REG_TC4_INTFLAG = TC_INTFLAG_OVF;         // Clear the OVF interrupt flag

  // Check for match counter 0 (MC0) interrupt
  if (TC4->COUNT8.INTFLAG.bit.MC0 && TC4->COUNT8.INTENSET.bit.MC0)             
    // Put your counter compare 0 (CC0) code here:
    // ...
    REG_TC4_INTFLAG = TC_INTFLAG_MC0;         // Clear the MC0 interrupt flag

  // Check for match counter 1 (MC1) interrupt
  if (TC4->COUNT8.INTFLAG.bit.MC1 && TC4->COUNT8.INTENSET.bit.MC1)           
    // Put your counter compare 1 (CC1) code here:
    // ...
    REG_TC4_INTFLAG = TC_INTFLAG_MC1;        // Clear the MC1 interrupt flag

Thanks a lot, Martin. For sure i'll try it. Do you know wich is the include file header for this source? Regards,


Do you know wich is the include file header for this source?

You shouldn't need any.

They're SAMD21 register definitions, which are Atmel files that are supplied with, and are used by the Arduino core code. You can also use them directly in your sketch.

I provided an explanation of these files and their location at the bottom of this thead on the Zero forum:

Thanks again, Martin!.



I have this piece of code, but for MEGA. How it would be for MKR1010 WiFi? I'm new to the platform, and I tried, but I'm struggling to have it working.

Thank you for your time, and help!

// Set up Timer1
TCCR1A = bit (COM1A0); //toggle OC1A on Compare Match
TCCR1B = bit (WGM12) | bit (CS10); //CTC, no prescaling
OCR1A = 0; //output every cycle
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