How to sew without having connections between wires?

I have a relatively simple e-textile project with a battery holder, a temperature sensor and 5 LEDs + Lilypad, however now that I am close to ready to sew everything I wonder how I am going to do so without having the threads interconnect

For example, using Fritzing, I drew the connections (see attached png). And you’ll see there are several issues such as wires crossing, or wires underneath the lilypad etc. I could probably solve some of those issues with a different layout, however it’s going to be difficult to solve all.

What’s the solution ?

  • Use auto-routing of Fritzing? How? Because I found an option but it considers it has 2 layers, not one.
  • Put something to isolate the wires when they connect?
  • Other

Thanks !

According to this, it seems threads do occasionally cross, and when they do, you need to add an insulating layer...

If you have any recommendation on insulating layers, or how to minimize crossing, please reply.

Look up Litz wire. They're basically threads with an insulated layer. To connect the wire to something, you simply remove the insulated layer. This allows wires to cross too without any issues. Ive used it before and nothing short-cirtuited.