How to share a project?

Two years ago I got a task to make a peculiar theatre prop: a little robot girl pushing a little shopping cart. It had to be autonomous - avoiding to hit anything.

I had no previous experience about coding. After some experiments e.g. using parts of an cheap robot vacuum cleaner I decided to learn someting about arduino and coding.
If robotics is a hobby even for kids, I can learn some too. That was my mission.

My project was a success.
This week I have been updating the sketch, because the show has changed after a pause.

Now I remember - I got lots of good advice from Arduino forum and learned a lot by reading other forum topics. I learned a lot by studying corresponding sketches I could find by google.

I would like to share everything possible. Sharing is a kind a problem, because some sketch// explanations are in finnish. It may be possible to translate them: O=oikea=right, V=vasen=left.

What may be the best way share my experience?
I dont know much about coding, but I know a lot about this project.

There’s a forum section, Exhibition/Gallery: Another option is the Arduino Project Hub: You could even post it to the hub and then make a post on the forum with a short description of the project and a link to the hub page.

Thank You, pert.
I am going to write some kind of description about my project.
It may take a while to write it in english.
I understood, if I have copied some code from other projects, I should tell the source.

It is also hard to remember where I got all the parts - motors and motordrivers, sensors and mechanics. Some came from U.S. some from China, some from U.K. Must google to recall the specs.