'How to'/'should I' mount my Nano on protoboard

Thanks to the help of many of you, my project is nearing the stage where it progresses into little ABS boxes, get's played with for a few more days, and completes it's lifecycle by moving into a into a dusty crate in the garage.

But before all that exciting stuff, I need your help please. It's all sitting on breadboards at the moment, and it needs to be a bit more 'permanent' than that. So I'm considering transplanting the set-up on the right, onto the protoboard on the left.

As part of that, the RFNano will need to be mounted to the protoboard somehow. So what I'm asking is:

Any tips for that please? Or, for any part of this process?

I recommend these protoboards: Adafruit Perma-Proto Half-sized Breadboard PCB - Single : ID 1609 : $4.50 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

They have the same layout as the mini plug-protoboard, but with the vertical and horizontal strips, soldered connections are much easier to make than with the one you posted.

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. . . and, if you don't want to solder the Nano RF directly, you can use these 0.1" pitch female headers which you cut to size: 10 x Copper 1 x 40 Pin 2.54mm 0.1" Pitch Single Row Female Pin Header Socket | eBay

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Take it one step further and use one of the free online pcb software to design a layout and get the Chinese mob to make up some professional boards.
Would add to your abilities for future more permanent jobs/projects.
Only a couple of dollars for 4 or 5 boards under a certain size.
Freight can be the killer though.
Plenty of different companies around, just Google "pcb manufacture".

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Thank you all so much. The...

...you've suggested are just the ticket, and the...

...are exactly what I need to keep me from ruining my RFNanos. I'm not quite ready for

...just yet but I'm interested in looking into it. Have you done this yourself? Who did you use? Any tips?

Thanks to all of you again.

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