How to shutdown Serproxy from Flash?

I'm trying to bulletproof my use of a Flash-Arduino application. It's an installation piece in a gallery that will run for several weeks and probably crash from time to time and require the gallery personnel to relaunch it with only a minimal amount of effort or expertise.

So, I'm looking for a way to shut down serproxy if it's already running so Flash can grab use of it on relaunch. I've figured out how to use fscommand to execute an AppleScript app within a Flash Projector to start serproxy, but can't figure out how to kill it without an intervening "Close Window: Terminate?" dialog from the Terminal application. Seems like it might be some sort of terminal command, but I'm ignorant of the whole unix and terminal thing. If there was a terminal command shut down serproxy, I could probably write an Applescript to do it and all would be good (at least for now).

Any ideas? Thanks!

I was under the impression that serproxy could stay running, and that if your Flash app disconnected (e.g. because it shut down), you could connect with a new app. But I assume that if you're asking how to restart serproxy, you've tried that and it didn't work.

You could try killall, a built-in command line tool for killing processes with a certain name. A killall serproxy should do the trick.

True enough, I've re-tested movies from within flash and even quit flash and restarted and tested the movie again and serproxy still works. I guess I don't have to worry about it unless the whole system crashes, in which case I would create an appleScript app to run serproxy then the flash app, which should do the trick.

Something was going on yesterday that had me worrying about it, but it was probably a false impression about re-playing flash and serproxy not working without restarting. I did get killall serproxy working in a script however, so problem solved under most forseable cirumstances.