How to soft connect an alarm key

Dear everybody,

I'm new to Arduino community and I have no experience in electronics.
The thing I want to do is pretty simple, but I really do not know how to start for collecting components nor solutions.

A brief introduction before starting: in my home the alarm can be activeated or deactivated using a 4 pin key.
I think it embeds a resistor that have to be recognized by the master unit to operate the activation/deactivation after few seconds from the insertion of that key in a wall socket.

This is a picture of my alarm key:

I want to embed a key in a box, in which an arduino board can connect the 4 pins to the wall socket by a smartphone app through wi-fi.

I don't want to use four relays to operate the contacts but I need a kind of "logical switches" that open or close these four pins.

How can I do it?
What kind of hardware do I need?

Please consider that I'm able to code or develop such kind of network apps, I only need infos about how to implement the logical switches.

Many thanks for your kind reply.