How to solder a nano 33 ble, including the SWD connections under the board.

Hello list,
I want to solder the nano 33 ble board on a PCB. The castellated pins on the sides are easy, but what if the SWD connections under the board are to be used?
I see how this can be done when you can use wave soldering, but I do not have access to such a system. And this is only for prototyping.

I normally use a heatgun and a preheater to preheat the mother PCB. This works fine, but how to solder the SWD connections below the Nordic unit without desoldering the Nordic unit in the process?
Is there anybody who can give me a few pointers?

Thanks in advance,

I wonder if it would work to place plated through holes on the mother PCB aligned with the test points, then fill the through holes with solder after doing your normal process with the castellated pins soldering.

I remember seeing someone describe this technique, probably on Hackaday. I'd guess it's a bit fiddly to get a good joint.

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