how to squeeze an object with a servo motor?

We are trying to make a mechanism that squeeze a bottle filled with paint (its gonna be attached, so it doesn't move) with a servo motor, however when we operate it, the motor doesn't have enough power to press the bottle. We've used mini servo (weight 24.3g/ 0.86oz) (speed 0.19 sec/60degrees) (torque 3.4kg-cm/47 oz-in). Can anyone suggest us a motor that have enough power to press a simple plastic bottle ?

Thank you

There are some pretty beefy servos out there. Try the TS-80

Remember you will need a really good power supply for the big servos.

Without experimenting you'll waste money. Either you'll spend a fortune working up through a list until you get the right one, or go straight for a huge one and never know that it was 10x too expensive for the job.

You could experiment with weights. See what weight squishes the bottle, then you know the force required at the end of the servo actuator. And Torque = Force x Distance

Absolutely, you measure the force necessary first, then see what can provide
enough force. Servos aren't necessarily a good choice - something with a screw-thread
like a linear actuator would provide loads more force and hold position mechanically
automatically. However servos give absolute positioning in a cheap package which is
in their favour, but the cheap ones are fairly puny.

Or you could find some sort of clamp that already uses twisting to compress a tube,
like this:

And add a gearmotor...

Or..... (as Barney would say)...... ooooooorrrrrr....

How about a different approach and use a peristaltic pump?

@JimboZA..I dont think we will need valves to stop the flow of water

Kindly suggest any good pumps that I can use with a quadcopter for for sucking water.

I'm no pump expert.... you'll need to provide some details so that others can help, eg what size and mass can it be, what flow do you require, what power supply will you have available, all that stuff.

Have a Google through the pump manufacturers' world...

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