How to Start interfacing Arduino and VB app


I would like to know if there are detailed turorials to program my arduino and my windows VB app to communicate. I want to be allowed to recive sensor information and control Led's.

Been google'in but not much detailed info for a New kid like me. Can anyone please help?


Which VB version are you using ?

Hi, Using visual studio 2008, vb languge

I read that i must open and close com port, but i dun really understand.


I guess i need the information on…

  1. Setting up Arduino with sensors and LED from my sparkfun start kit
    Thermistor 10K
    Mini Photocell

1xTriple Output LED RGB - Diffused

  1. Reciving data and storing from sensors

  2. Controling LEDS and monotoring states


There is some info here