How to start with...Arduino UNO

Hi, Please, help me to start using UNO...where to start with.... Any link..any project fro novices... :o

Thanks in advance.. With Regards, Mrinal Sarkar


In my opinion, as a beginner, I found the arduino starter kit to be a good starting point to learn the basics for an absolute beginner. I've also seen many other different kits around, but have not used any of them.

The kits come packaged with a bunch of components and some instructions for a few projects to get you going on the basics.

I recommend buying one of those starter kits and building the included projects. Once you're done with that, you'll then also have a bunch of components you can use to start making your own projects.

I hope that helps.

Get a UNO and read everything under the "Learning" tab above.

There are so many resources on this site, just look for them.


Thanks a lot for ur reply…
I have brought a Arduino UNO Controller board…only…
So…will this is enough to start with or I required any other components…like…servo motor… motor driver … wares…etc…any other components required… Please, help me …
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Sure, you can experiment with blinking the onboard LED and communicating with a PC.

You will probably need to turn things on and off so will need some form of switch. You can use relays for basic switching or transistors for PWM.

For transistor switching get some MOSFETS that are rated for "logic level gate voltage". This will let you drive them with the output voltage of the Arduino. Standard MOSFETS require higher voltage to turn them on fully.