How to step through audio clips with wireless sensors

I'm a media person who makes entertaining things, I'm not a developer. So total novice here.

Looking for possible approaches to trigger audio loops and audio one shot samples.

I'd like to walk users through a sound environment that is triggered by gyro sensors on their wrist and ankle. This would require ongoing ambient sounds along side of triggered sounds from the sensors they wear.

(e.i. You hear the ambience of a dungeon and the sound of your sword swinging when you flick your wrist.)

What modules would I need?

  • Gyrosensors
  • bluetooth module
  • What else?

Also looking for collaborators on this.

An Arduino. :slight_smile: Reads sensors and sends a semiprocessed sensor reading over bluetooth.

What recieves the Bluetooth - Another Arduino(with a sound/Mp3 shield) or a pc or tablet? It needs programming, too, to read blæuetooth input and start the sounds.

You may find accelerometers more appropiate. They can report on orientation (with respect to gravity), and the start/stop of movements. Gyros need a startpoint and then report on relative rotational position to start point.

No I do not have time to collaborate, but it sounds fun.

Thanks for your input. I wasn't clear about the difference between a gyrosensor and an accelerometer. Good start for knowing what direction I need to go.

I'd use 2-3-4 MP3 modules so you can have multiple sounds playing that can be turned on/off individually and not affect other sounds. Combine the outputs in a simple mixer that send to an amp.
These are simple to use, just send serial command with the file number to play, 001 to 199 (I think in hex; experiment). Put the files onto the SD card in their file name order, so 001,002,003.

(out of stock at the moment, but they have more regularly).
Serial interface is 4800 baud, so software serial can be used to control several.
Also have start, stop, pause, resume if you need that,