How to stop my program re starting every time I open a TTY program?

I have a program running that is working just fine. It stores some data about how it is running to EEPROM and from time to time I would like to read that data.

I am using PuTTY to talk to it and interogate my stored data.

But the problem is EVERY time I start PuTTY it re starts the program on the Arduino (Nano)

I don't want it to do that because I lose some data and timings.

I read that it was the flow control lines doing this so I have set flow control to "none" and it still does it.

How can I stop it please?

I should add the computer I am using is running Ubuntu

P.S I know this is not strictly "programming" but I can't think where else to post it.

It is normal for the Nano to auto-reset on serial port connection. One way to temporarily disable auto-reset is to put a 10uf cap from ground to the reset pin. Disconnect the cap for program upload and reconnect when you want to run your code. Do a Google search for "nano disable auto reset" for more information.

Thanks very much I will give that a go.