How to stop this code from scrolling Sure 3208 HT1632c

How can I stop the following code to stop scrolling on the led dot matrix display please?

    Pin 11  to GND
    Pin 12 to VCC
    Pin 3 ( CS1)  to Arduino Digital pin 9
    Pin 5 (WR) to Arduino Digital pin 10
    Pin 7 (DATA) to Arduino Digital pin 11
#include <font_5x4.h>
#include <HT1632.h>
#include <images.h>
int i = 0;
int wd;
int Green = 4;
int Orange = 5;
int Red = 6;

void setup () {
    HT1632.begin(9, 10, 11);
    pinMode(Green, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(Orange, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(Red, OUTPUT);
    //digitalWrite(Green, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(Orange, HIGH);
    //digitalWrite(Red, HIGH);
    // Where pinCS1, pinWR and pinDATA are the numbers of the output pins
    // that are connected to the appropriate pins on the HT1632.
void loop () {
  // Font rendering example
  HT1632.drawText("ChristianAttard", 2*OUT_SIZE - i, 2, FONT_5X4, FONT_5X4_WIDTH, FONT_5X4_HEIGHT, FONT_5X4_STEP_GLYPH);
  i = (i+1)%(wd + OUT_SIZE * 2);  

What does the second argument of the call to HT1632.drawText() mean? Where do you define a (new) value for that argument? If you don't want the text to scroll, don't keep assigning the second argument a new value.