how to store a specific gps location in UNO

sir, In our project we are trying to compare a specific gps location stored in UNO with the location which is obtained from the gps. Please help us to store the specific location in the UNO.

Is the storage to be long term and persist between power cycles ? If so, store it in EEPROM

If the storage is to be temporary and not persist between power cycles then it needs to be entered or read from somewhere external to the Arduino or hard-coded into the program.

You can test your code by hard coding the value. Have you written any code yet ?

No sir

We require only short term storage.we dont know the coding of comparing the gps locations. please suggest me the coding.

Can I suggest that you write a program to read the GPS data and hard code the location to be tested against into a variable. Print both to the serial monitor. Do not use Strings (capital S). Come back when you have done that then you can deal with the comparison.

Sir, To get the location, we put the command as (gps.get_position(&lat, &lon);

Now how can i store this location to the Variable sir, we tried that, a = gps.get_location(&lat, &lon); it seems error sir,

i get the location in serial monitor via that coding,

Post the whole program that tries to get the gps location and the error message(s), not just one line with no details of the error message(s). Please put the program in code tags as requested and explained in the sticky posts at the top of this forum.